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The incredible staff at Beach House Spa will help you enjoy every moment of this healing and rejuvenating spa treatment that you or your loved one deserves.

Our Staff

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Beth Cook - Massage Therapist:
Beth is a low-country local who decided to go into massage therapy to help relieve the stress in people’s lives.
She is very committed to helping people and her work.
Her specialties are "Deep Tissue" massage and "Shiatsu" massage.

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Eva Gombas - Massage Therapist
Seventeen years of experience with great knowledge and care.
Her specialties are relaxation,aromatherapy, warm stone,reflexology,scrubs and wraps!

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Danielle Dickson - Massage Therapist
Accomplished in all forms of massage she uses her skills to work out stubborn muscles.
Her expierence in massage will give you a sense of trust and relaxation.

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Patrick Lane - Master Massage Therapist / Lymphatic Specialist
Very experienced and knowledgeable about all types of massage, but especially
specializes in deep tissue and Lymphatic drainage massage.

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Sharon Dickson – Esthetician
With over twenty years experience, Sharon specializes in all forms of skin care.
With a keen sense of patience and understanding, your skin will shimmer and glow!

Meet the Owner!

A picture of the business owner, Bill Wilson

Message from the Owner, Bill Wilson: "I am truly blessed to be working with such a fine group of professionals!"